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At Inoculand Ltd we offer a professional, friendly and efficient Pest Control service to commercial and residential clients across the whole of London. We specialise in control of rodents, cockroaches, bed bugs, wasps, fleas and other common pests such as pigeons and squirrels.


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Pest Control London

London pest control to residential and commercial properties. Inoculand Environmental Services provides fully personalised expert solutions for the control of pests and vermin in London. We are a pest control provider to the property management sector and also specialise in pest control in apartment, terraced houses and food premises. We help clients with rodent control London based solutions, with bed bug pest control issues, with moths infestations fumigations and other pests. Our technicians are trained to use proven pest control solutions that are safe to you and to the environment. For all your pest extermination and prevention needs, fill up a request a quote for or call us now 0203 405 5000.

Mice Control London

Mouse infestations are dangerous and depend on human food sources to build up quickly. Also mice gnaw at paper, cartons and plastic to make their nests. Mice extermination at the first sign of a mouse infestation is therefore necessary to protect buildings, residents and businesses from contamination and diseases. If your home is already infested, prevention methods will not be sufficient. Setting up a few mouse trap will not tackle your rodent infestation problems at its root, and the issue may persist year after year. At inoculand Ltd we have the knowledge, experience and equipment to eradicate your mouse pest problem once and for all. Our approach to any rodent invasion includes a rodent proofing service that comes with 1 year guarantee.